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At initiative of Sonia Akpo-Bendjou and François-David Bendjou, it is founded the association governed by the law of 1 july 1901 and the decree of August  16, 1901.


​Miman = Sharing (In the Beninese language : FONGBE).


We are a young mixed couple . We are part of those thinking that all children should have the same chance to suceed. We just want to give hope to few children in this part of the world which the only "fault" is to be born in a poor country.


This is a drop in the ocean but it is only through small actions that poor nations will fare.





Madam, native from Benin still has all his extended family in Benin.

Mr Franco-French.

A mixed couple with two children.

Our idea to create an association comes from our various trips in Benin, which were not only tourism without interest, we thought of creating this association. Many of our friends, our family members and our colleagues have followed us in our approach.


Where are we in the world?

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