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OBJECTIVE 6 : "A canteen for my school"

OBJECTIVE 5 : " Toilets for my school"

A school, a toilet block


Atteint à Kpozoun en 2018




Sponsoring the local children so that the financial aspect is not an obstacle to study.


*Developing outside-school activities such as painting , plastic art , outings...

*​Organize and subsidize trips during school holidays for the needy.

OBJECTIVE 2: Achieved !

To build three (03) new classrooms and one (01) for direction.



This project has been realized during July-August 2013 thanks to a donation received from Société Générale Suisse.

OBJECTIVE 1: Achieved !

Equip the Saint François- David school infrastructure and adequate equipment to allow proper basic education for children in the neighborhood in Cotonou Djidjè namely :


*Teachers' working materials

*The tables and benches students : we lack very seriously tables & benches : we count on you !!!

*DWork tools for students

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